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Publish and promote your petanque competition


Organizing a competition can be long and time-consuming. Most of the time, competitions are arranged by petanque clubs or associations, like sports association, parent-student association, charity association or any type... It is also managed by volunteers who give their time to support theirs clubs or associations. By giving their time, these volunteers want to attract as many players as possible to the event, in order to make treasury for the clubs. Then to attract players, it is necessary to promote this event !

Good news ! We are going to show you now how to do it fast and free !

First, you have to create the competition on internet.

1-Publish the competition on the web

In less than 1 minute, publish your competition on petanque world.
Inform the player about the configuration (doublet, triplet or head-to-head), the category (open to all or only for licensed player), the city, the date and the hour of the thrown jack ! You can also add your own competition poster.

Then it is also important to fill in the phone of the organizer, a lot of players call it before choosing a competition. They want to be sure that is a real competition.

Ok but why do I have to publish on internet ?

By doing this, you really target more players. Let's imagine that you organize a competition in a touristic part. As the place is popular, a lot of tourists will stay on holidays and they will primarily use internet (with smartphone) to find a competition near the holiday destination. These players can represent more than 50% of the competition players !

On top of that, give as many informations as possible in the competition description, like that the competition will be properly referenced on google and will attract more people.

Finally, you can also add your competition on facebook group and on your own profile.Thanks to social networks, your event could be shared very easily by facebook members.

2-Generate the competition poster

Generate a poster for a petanque tournament competition.

You have now published your competition on, congratulations ! We also propose you to generate a free pdf poster about your competition. To do it, please go to the competition list web page : click here, then click on the icon to generate the pdf poster.

It will automatically create a pdf will all the informations you provided like the configuration (doublet, single, triplet ...), the category (open to all, official), the date and hour, the city, the contact informations and the description.

You can also print the poster on your competition webpage by clicking on the button .

3-Advertise for the event by email

You can even advertise for the event by emailing your closer clubs and members of the club. Don't forget to send them the competition poster by email, it will be easier for them to advertise about it.

I do not know a lot of closer clubs so how can I do ?

If you do not know any closer club, it is very easy to get their email.
Contact the departmental committee of petanque and they will provide you the list of all the clubs and contact information about them.
It will probably concerns the official clubs in majority, but depending of the cash prizes of the tournament, be sure that a lot of licensed players will be very interested to participate to your event .

You can also advertise with other sports associations by email.

Advertise and promote a petanque competition by emailing.

4-The old method, less ecologic but still as effective !

Publish and promote your petanque competition on the newspapers.

Before the creation of internet and social networks, there were already petanque competitions with many players.

The best way to find a competition was to flip through the newspaper !
So do not hesitate to publish an ad on the newspaper, indicating in priority the date, time and place of the event, and contact informations of course ...

5-Other ideas to promote your event ...

  •   Print your competition poster and display it in bakeries, cinemas, supermarkets or any shops where it is possible to advertise ...

  •   Inform the town hall of your event

  •   Distribute leaflets on the market to aim the local people.

  •   Organize a loto at the same time to attract more people, or organize a barbecue party at the end of the competition.

Many ideas to promote a petanque competition or petanque tournament.


By conclusion, to have a successfully petanque event, there are many factors to consider :

  •   Publish and promote the competition : you know now how to do !

  •   Volunteers : without any volunteer, the competition would not exist anymore. Most of the time, these volunteers are also members of the committee club, it is very important to consider them. The organizer is also a volunteer and is most of the time the president of the association/club.

  •   A petanque court : if your are not a petanque association, you probably do not have a petanque court. Contact the town hall to find one in your city.

The weather is also a factor but I do not have a solution yet to attract the sun !

Ok, thanks but the competition is within 2 days and I do not know how to organize it !

Do not worry, we have also thought about it, and it is still free ! We want to try making things easier for you, check in our tutorials and click on "How to organize a petanque competition".

If you have any remarks or you need help, please contact us.

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