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How to organize a petanque competition ?


Many petanque competitions are still very poorly organized currently.
We must admit that a draw done by hand can be long and tedious, especially when there are more than 50 teams.
It is also worst when you have to organize a competition "winner against winner".

From today, you will have no more excuses because we have done the necessary for you.

With friends, with partner clubs, internally or for a competition open to all, let's see how to simply and quickly organize a tournament in 3 or 4 matches.

1-Publish and promote your petanque event !

How to do it ?

To organize a petanque competition, you need to attract some players and you need also to promote this event.

First, read this tutorial below :

Publish and promote a petanque event
publish and promote a petanque tournament before organizing the competition

2-List the teams of the tournament

The competition starts in 3 days and many players are expected because you promoted very well the event !
It is a success and you are now busy with the organization.

Do not panic, we have a document for you to list all the teams and to record the results of the matches.

Choose below the PDF document corresponding to your competition. Choose the number of matches (3 or 4 matches) and the PDF format. It will automatically generate a PDF document that you could print (click on the image with the arrow to generate the pdf file).

For a competition in 3 matches

A4 format

A3 format
For a competition in 4 matches

A4 format

A3 format

Good to know : for a competition in 3 matches, 9 teams minimum are expected and for a competition in 4 matches, 15 teams minimum are expected.

Thanks for the document but how it works

Let's take an example with 4 teams and 4 matches in total :
(Click on image to enlarge)

Scoresheet or match sheet for a petanque competition

First, enter the names of all the teams in the first column.

Then for every round played, enter the score. For example, the team "Big shots" wins 13-5 in the first game, loses 7-13 in the second game, wins 10-3 in the third game then loses 5-12 in the last one.
You could remark that some matches seem to be not finished (it can happen when the match lasts 1 hour).

At the end of the competition (when all the matches are finished), just fill the columns "+" and "-". The column "+" corresponds to the number of points earned by the team and the column "-" corresponds to the number of points lost by the team. For example, the team "Big shots" wins 13+7+10+5 = 35 points and loses 5+13+3+12 = 33 points.

The column "Total" is the difference between earned and lost points. For example, the total for the team "Big shots" is 35-33 = 2 points !

Then fill the column "Matches won" and rank the teams. First, rank according to the matches won then rank according to the number of points entered in the column "Total".

3-Generate team badges

Yes we also thought about badges .
A badge is like a label with the team number.
Just select the number of teams in the competition then click on "Generate badges" (max 256 teams).
It will automatically generate a pdf file with all the badges.
Print it and cut badges !

Team badges

Team badge for a petanque competition tournament

example of team badges

4-Match draw

It is now time to run a random draw for every match of the competition !

Just enter the number of teams and matches of the competition, then click on "Generate matches".
It will automatically generate a pdf file with a random draw for every match !

Thanks petanque world

Random draw

9 teams minimum for 3 matches and 15 teams minimum for 4 matches are expected

Random draw for a petanque competition tournament

random draw for a petanque tournament

If there is a team which is called "blanc", it is because the number of teams is odd, so for every match, one team will play against nobody. When a team plays against "blanc", it wins automatically, just put the score 13-7, that is usually the best practice.

5-Tips and tricks

  • Duration of the match : depending on the seasons, it could be wise to limit the match duration to 1 hour. Actually, the pleasure of playing is not the same during winter after 6 PM.

  • Match result : in order to avoid any cheating or/and confusion, ask both teams to announce the score. So the winning team and the losing team will come together to announce the score !

  • Fix the rules : Before the start of the competition, it is essential to fix the rules with all the players, especially about the court limit, the duration of the match, the announcement of the score, the obstacles (for example if the jack touches a tree, is the round cancelled ?)

  • Attribution of earnings : if you offer gifts at the end of the competition, just distribute according to the rank. For example, a coupon of 50 €uros for the first team, a restaurant for the second team ...

If you have any remarks or you need help, please contact us.

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