World Pétanque Championship Results 2023

World Pétanque Championship Results 2023

Petanque post - World Pétanque Championship Results 2023 - Benin

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World Pétanque Championship Cotonou, Benin 2023

Here are the results and the winners faces on the Blog Picture:

**Men's Individual Championship**
Tunisia against Thailand: 03-13 -winner: THAILAND - Ratchata KHAMDEE

**Women's Doubles Championship**
Thailand against France: 13-01 -winners: THAILAND - Nantawan Fuangsanit and Sunitra Phuangyoo

**Men's Doubles Championship**
France against Benin A: 13-08 - winners: FRANCE - Christophe SARRIO and Dylan ROCHER

**Mixed Doubles Championship**
France against Benin A: 08-13 - winners: BENIN - Marcel GBETABLE and Laïma SAMBO.

**Men's Triplet Championship**
Thailand vs Spain: 13-10 – winners: THAILAND - Sarawut Sriboonpeng & Ratchata Khamdee & Supan Thongphoo & Thanawan Toosewha

**Precision Shooting**
France against Thailand: 46-28 -winner: FRANCE- Dylan Rocher

Congratulations to the winners and to all the players and Petanque enthusiasts who followed the World Pétanque Championship 2023.

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